AOV Design & Test Database Software (ACE & ACETEST)

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Teledyne LeCroy Test Services (TLTS), together with our clients, have developed a comprehensive AOV Design (ACE), System Analysis (ACEDP) and Test (ACETest) Databases available to the industry for utility AOV program control.

The software is currently in use at Entergy, Exelon, TVA and Arizona Public Service.

ACE, ACEDP and ACETEST software are developed, maintained and documented using software Quality procedures developed by TLTS. ACE, ACEDP and ACETEST are delivered with a Certificate of Conformance attesting to this fact.

TLTS has developed a client/server implementation for ACE, ACEDP and ACETEST. This allows for a single installation on a server for the entire utility, including all remote sites. TLTS provides an unlimited usage license for the entire utility.

ACE is the primary AOV engineering tool for a utility. It provides:

ACEDP is an engineering tool for the calculation of DP loads. It includes:

ACETEST is the primary AOV maintenance tool for a utility. It provides:

An optional Setup Window may be created.

Post-Test Evaluation is performed via a series of questions while displaying both design and test data for review.