Valve Testing Products & Services

Utilities operating nuclear power plants agree that the correct functioning of all safety-related motor and air-operated valves is of paramount importance. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued Generic Letter 89-10 related to this concern, underscoring the need for analysis and periodic testing of these valves to ensure that they will operate when called upon.

For nearly two decades Teledyne LeCroy Test Services has been a pioneer in the development of measurement and analysis tools used to obtain accurate and reliable valve test data. These tools include patented sensors that are easy to install, thus reducing personnel exposure and test time. These sensors, coupled with the powerful QUIKLOOK 3-FS data acquisition hardware and software, make Teledyne's MOV and AOV Test Systems second to none.

Teledyne LeCroy Test Services also offers industry-unique MOV and AOV calculation engines and databases to automate design margin analysis, actuator setup and many other trending and analysis tasks required of the Nuclear Valve Engineer.

AOV MOV Systems
QUIKLOOK 3-FS A self-contained “single-box” MOV / AOV valve-testing system used to capture data from any of the sensors noted above or any other strain gage or voltage-based transducer.
QL-SENTRY Dedicated, permanently-installed MOV / AOV monitoring system
QUIKLOOK FS MOV / AOV valve-testing software used to acquire, present and analyze data from our QSS and SMARTSTEM sensors or any other strain gage or voltage-based transducer.
Spring Pack Calibration Software Valve-testing software used to produce a calibration certificate, and to plot generic and calibration data and the sensitivity equation.
MOV Design & Test Database Software (MIDAS & MIDASTEST) MOV design and test databases and calculation engine that automates valve design margin analysis, actuator setup criteria and required test intervals utilizing various ComEd, EPRI, JOG and BWROG methodologies. Includes powerful "what if" margin analysis tool.
AOV Design & Test Database Software (ACE & ACETEST) AOV design and test databases and calculation engine designed to create AOV setup windows, create an AOV Data Record form for use in valve testing and perform a post-test evaluation of the test results. This program will ensure that the methods used by personnel to perform and document these calculations are consistent.
Quick Stem Sensor (QSS) A patented prefabricated strain sensor that is applied to a valve stem or shaft to obtain a direct measurement of stem thrust and torque without dissassembly of the valve.
SmartStem Teledyne-patented installation of strain gages on a valve stem or shaft to obtain a calibrated and temperature-compensated measurement of stem thrust and torque.
QL-SENTRY Current Transformer Assembly The QL-SENTRY Current Transformer (CT) Assembly is a multi-channel current sensor solution for MOV online monitoring and diagnostic testing.
Spring Pack Measurement Device (SPMD) A linear position sensor used to measure spring pack displacement to provide an indirect indicator of stem torque and thrust.
Spring Pack Measurement Device Encoder Version (SPMDe) A linear position sensor (Encoder Version) used to measure spring pack displacement to provide an indirect indicator of stem torque and thrust.
Motor Voltage Attenuator (MVA) Used to measure Phase-to-Phase motor voltage on 3-phase AC inductive motors
AC Current Probes Used to measure AC current on MOVs.
AC/DC Current Probes Used to measure AC & DC current on MOVs.
Pressure Sensors Interface module with six pressure sensors as well as bulkhead connnectors for strain and position inputs. Connects directly to QUIKLOOK 3-FS & QLII+ for AOV testing.
Stem Postion Encoder (SPE) Measures axial stem or rotary shaft travel on both MOV and AOV applications.
Rotor Contact Indicator (RCI) Provides signal indicating position (open or closed) of contacts on actuator rotor assembly
DC Voltage Probe Used to measure motor voltages on the DC motors sometimes used to power MOVs.
Limit Switch Adjustment Tool (LSAT) The Limit Switch Adjustment Tool (LSAT) is designed to aid in the safe adjustment of the Limit Switch Assembly. This tool Reduces shorting and risk of damaging "L" bracket gaps.
I/P Booster Assembly The I/P Booster Assembly allows the user to control a valve with large actuator areas using a standard external I/P resulting in consistent ramp times and profiles.
Spring Pack Calibration Stand The new TTS Spring Pack Calibration Stand (SPCS), when connected to any Teledyne QUIKLOOK system, includes everything needed to calibrate Limitorque spring packs.
Stem Angle Measurement Device (SAMD) A device to measure stem angular motion during MOV diagnostic tests.
Thread Removal Tool Used for the in-situ removal of valve stem threads to permit the installation of our QSS on a smooth stem area for direct, accurate measurement of stem torque and thrust.
Torque Switch Rotation Encoder (TSRE) and HBC Stem Position Encoder (HBC-SPE) Combo Kit The Torque Switch Rotation Encoder (TSRE) mounts to the torque switch on SMB/SB actuators, allowing measurement of spring pack displacement when access to the spring pack is not available.
The HBC Stem Position Encoder (HBC-SPE) mounts to the top of the HBC drive sleeve, and provides a repeatable mechanical connection to measure position.