I/P Booster Assembly

I2P Booster Image
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I/P Booster Assembly

Testing valves with large volume actuators can be a challenge. When performing dynamic scans with an external I2P the ramp times can be very long because of flow rate limitations through the I/P. When manually controlling the valve inconsistent ramp times can also result. Step tests using the valve’s controller can be noisy and result in false readings due to the fast and turbulent air flow.

The I/P Booster Assembly eliminates these issues and allows the user to control a valve with large actuator areas using a standard external I/P resulting in consistent ramp times and profiles.

The unit also includes a separate outlet to manually control a top cylinder of a double acting valve. This allows for full seat load to be developed for accurate test results.

The Booster Assembly is designed to lay flat on the floor. Pressure transducer taps are vertically oriented for easy access. The top cylinder outlet is also designed to be used for a handle for easy handling.