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Spring Pack Measurement Device Encoder Version (SPMDe)

Accurate measurement of spring pack displacement is essential for diagnostic testing and the proper setup of a Motor Operated Valve (MOV). Teledyne LeCroy Test Services (TLTS) encoder version of the spring pack measurement device (SPMDe), when paired with QL3-FS, does just that. This sensor also helps assure that the spring pack is operating within its calibrated range.

TLTS' newest digital version of the SPMD offers more precision and contains an internal high-resolution encoder module (2,000 LPI). It also has a magnetic base that allows for a more stable placement on all sizes of Limitorque actuators, particularly the 000 through 0 sizes, thus eliminating the need for the SPMD mounting plate accessory.

The SPMDe base has integral extension screws that store conveniently and securely in the body of the sensor. These extension screws have been designed to allow the SPMDe to operate on the rotating surface of spring packs in Rotork actuators. The SPMD Encoder unit is meant to be used with one of the digital channels on your QL3-FS unit (CH15 & 16), which is indicated by a red channel nut. The electrical connector accepts QUIKLOOK’s standard 8-channel extension cable which eliminates the need for a separate adapter cable. The SPMD Encoder has been designed to be robust, which can help protect the unit against damage that can occur when it is dropped or mishandled.

Size: 2” x 3 3/4” x 3 1/2”
Weight: 1.5lbs.
Accuracy: 0.4% FS
Range: 0-1" or 0-2" Nominal
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