Quick Stem Sensor Installation Materials

Water Based Cleaners
M-Prep Conditioner Conditioner Part Number 159201
Neutralizer Part Number 159202

Final surface preparation is accomplished with M-Prep Conditioner A immediately followed by M-Prep Neutralizer 5.

Conditioner A is a mild phosphoric-based acid compound. It acts as a mild etchant and accelerates the cleaning process. Neutralizer 5 is an ammonia-based material. It neutralizes any chemical reaction introduced by the Conditioner A which produces an optimum surface condition for the strain gage adhesive.

MSDS - Conditioner A
MSDS - Neutralizer 5A
adhesive X60 - (click for PDF brochure)
Part Number 159230-10
  • Designed for strain-gage installation
  • Room-temperature cure
  • Convenient single-use packaging
  • Dilute, easy to spread over QSS bonding surface
  • Mixing occurs in sealed poly envelope
  • Easy to mix: grasp ends of poly bag, pull apart to force plastic divider off, then pull back and forth over any exposed right-angled corner
  • Maximum test temperature: 176° F (80° C)
  • Maximum temperature without damage: 302° F (150° C)
  • Pot life: 2 to 5 minutes depending on temperature
  • Cure time: 20 minutes
  • Cure temperature: ambient (no heaters required)
  • Total halogens: < 20 ppm
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Packaging: (10) single-use packages per box
MSDS - X60 Liquid
MSDS - X60 Powder

m-bond 200 M-Bond 200
Part Number 159219

M-Bond 200 is used for temporary sensor installations. It is easy to handle and has a fast room temperature curing time.

MSDS - M-Bond 200 Adhesive
MSDS - M-Bond 200 Catalyst
Cure requirements Operating temp range Shelf life
Minimum two minute delay before removal of tape or clamps. Bond strength increases rapidly during first five minutes. Cure time must be extended under conditions of low temperature (< 70°F) or low humidity (< 40%RH). -300 to ±200° F
-185 to +95° C
6 months at +75° F (After opening and properly sealing after each application.)
9 months at +75°F
12 months at +40°F
(Unopened adhesive only)

hadrman epoxy Hardman Epoxy
Part Number 159228

Hardman Epoxy is a two part adhesive that can be used for temporary or permanent installations. This adhesive cures in 12 hours at ambient temperatures. Stem temperatures should not exceed 150° F.

MSDS - Hardman Epoxy

epy-500 EPY-500
Part Number 159206

EPY-500 is used for high temperature sensor installations (>200 to 450° F). It is a two-part epoxy that requires heat curing.

MSDS - EPY-500 Part A
MSDS - EPY-500 Part B
Cure requirements Operating temp range Shelf life
Use one of the following:
26 hrs at 200° F (93° C)
4 hrs at 250° F (121° C)
1 hr at 350° F (176° C)
1/2 hr at 400° F (204° C)
-452 to 500° F
-269 to 260° C
9 months minimum
Pot Life – 24 hours
Protective Coatings
Sensor installations are protected with an initial coating of M-Coat C,
then an application of 3145 RTV.
m-coat M-Coat C
Part Number 159204

M-Coat C is a solvent thinned RTV silicone rubber that cures to a tough rubbery transparent film. The coating has good all-around mechanical and electrical properties and is completely non-corrosive. Film thickness 0.015-0.02 inches per coat, good water splash protection, and chemical resistance.

MSDS - M-Coat C
Cure requirements Operating temp range Shelf life
Solvents evaporate in about 60 minutes at room temperature. Allow 20 minutes drying time between coats.

Cures in 24 hrs. at +75° F (+24° C) and 50 % RH. Longer cure at lower humidity.
Short term: -75 to +550° F (-60 to 290° C)

Long term: -75 to +500° F (-60 to +260° C)
9 months at +75° F (+24 ° C); Kept tightly sealed

rtv rubber 3145 RTV
Part Number 159203

3145 RTV is a single component 98% solids RTV silicone rubber. It has a room temperature cure (humidity reactive), is completely non-corrosive, and forms tough rubbery coating. The coating has high strength toughness and high elongation capabilities. It is good for short-term water immersion and is resistant to many chemicals.

MSDS - RTV-3145
Cure requirements Operating temp range Shelf life
Tack free in about 2 hours.

24 hour cure time for each 0.02" thickness at +75° F (+24° C) and 50% RH. Longer cure at lower humidity.

Note: Will not cure properly if coating is not exposed to atmosphere.
Short term: -100 to+600° F (-75 to +315° C)

Long term: -100 to +500° F (-75 to +260° C)
6 months at +75° F (+24° C)