Torque Sensing Socket Extension

Teledyne LeCroy Test Services offers a wide range of Torque Sensing Socket Extensions to measure fastener torque or calibrate torque wrenches.

These rugged sensor can be used on the factory floor or in the field. Both Rotating and Reaction Models are available. Both sensors utilize strain-gage technology and are adaptable to all strain-gage-type indicators.

Sensors operate in both directions and are supplied with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to N.l.S.T.

These sensors are available with Teledyne LeCroy Test Services unique Smart Connector technology. When used with the JT4000 Portable Digital Indicator, the Smart Connector is instantly recognized by the JT4000 and the output and display are automatically calibrated.

Fastener Torque Checker == Shop Floor Calibrator or Checker == Field Calibrator or Checker == In Line Torque Sensing

Output at Rated Torque 1.5 to 3 mV/V nominal
Calibration Accuracy 0.25% F.S.
Overload Rating 150%
Excitation Maximum dc to 10 V
Bridge Resistance 350 ohms
Zero Balance 1% F.S.
Temperature Effect on Zero 0.0025%
Compensated Temperature Range 72°F- 150°F+/-3°F