LC-20 Torque Wrench Calibrator

Model Capacity Price (US$)
LC-20-6.25 6.25 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-12.5 12.5 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-31.25 31.25 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-62.5 62.5 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-100 100 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-200 200 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-1000 1000 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-2000 2000 in-lbs $3220.00
LC-20-3000 3000 in-lbs $3565.00
LC-20-SP60 600 ft-lbs $5025.00
LC-20-Dual range Please specify Base price** + $1,150.00

**Base price of the larger of the two ranges plus $1,150.00 For example, an LC-20-Dual with a 3000 and 1000 in-lb transducer will be priced as $3,565.00 + $1,150.00 = $4,715.00.

Part Number For use with Description Price (US$)
LC-20-ML3 All models Mechanical loader assembly $565.00
LC-20-SD2 -100 through -3000 1/4" square drive adapter $105.00
LC-20-SD3 -100 through -3000 3/8" square drive adapter $105.00
LC-20-SPSD7 -SP60 3/4" square drive adapter $235.00
LC-20-CA10 -100 through -2000 10" calibration arm $635.00
LC-20-CA15 -3000 only 15" calibration arm $750.00
LC-20-CA36 -SP60 36" calibration arm $1295.00
LC-20-W20 -2000, -3000, -SP60 200 lb weight set $565.00
LC-20-W10 -1000 100 lb weight set $520.00
LC-20-W02 -200 20 lb weight set $255.00
LC-20-W01 -100 10 lb weight set $365.00
LC-20-BP All models Battery pack $250.00
LC-20-AB option All models Installation of AB switch $300.00
*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.
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